I believe we are all at our best when we’re creatively rising to new challenges. This means eliminating repetitive, monotonous toil from our work. Because of this, I have a vision for Operations of antonymous infrastructure. Infrastructure which doesn't just scale

when it runs out of resources, but when it's going to run out of resources. Infrastructure with monitoring which automatically tunes itself, detecting the slightest service affecting tremors while simultaneously eliminating false alarms. Infrastructure which detects impending issues for which we don't even know to monitor and resolves those issues automatically before they have a chance to adversely affect service delivery.

This starts with a team which shares the vision and builds toward it. The ground work on infrastructure services which make it possible to spin up an entire environments in minutes also helps achieve regulatory compliance. This groundwork is also necessary to enable automatic resolution of incidents. Automating technical tasks and making these tools available to those dealing with customer issues allows considerably faster incident resolution with greatly reduced human effort. A focus on integration allows business users to execute common fixes and jobs directly from the tools they already use. AI has reached a point that a trained Neural Network can make resolution recommendations based on initial issue reports..

My teams have been able to move fast because I see where we are, where we need to go, and what we need to do to get there. I have a knack for seeing the big, easy wins and getting them accomplished in a way which supports the bigger picture. I see what will provide the greatest acceleration most readily. I know how to fit disparate technologies together for the greatest effect. I delegate effectively, simultaneously allowing my entire team to move faster and realize opportunities to learn and grow.

I'm passionate about using technology to enable people to be their most effective. An organization which pursues reliable, reproducible, automated systems can make and keep a performance promise to the business. That is, we can learn exactly what we're capable of, what our margins of error are, make a promise to the business based on this, and deliver on that promise.

A leader needs to think strategically and communicate a vision which moves their organization in the right direction. An ambitious vision with a clear plan of action enables a team to move quickly as every individual knows the best course of action without being told. The job of a leader is to ensure their team knows the goal, has the tools necessary to achieve the goal, and know how their performance calibrates against the goal.

I look forward to hearing from you.